Enlightenment Ales Day Trip

Enlightenment Ales Day Trip

Good evening LIBA nation. Good news from the land of pets. Our cat Gunnar, who was deathly ill, is fully back from the dead. Our last checkup yesterday indicated he’s 99% back to normal. The little bastard has a new lease on life, and now thinks he is invincible. He’s taken to walking across the sleeping dog’s body, stealing food directly from our plates as we eat, smacking me in the face to wake me up in the morning, and so on. The little zombie-cat doesn’t have any clue what he owes us.

Tonight we’re watching some Boardwalk Empire. We recently finished up watching the Dexter series, managing to watch 8 seasons in probably less than 8 weeks. Boardwalk empire has started a bit slow, so we’re hoping it picks up.

I just finished a bomber of Enlightenment Ales Day Trip, a Belgian pale ale. I was surprised when I polished it off and didn’t have the slightest buzz. The 4.7% ABV explains it. It also explains why it went down so quick. The label says it’s a “extra hoppy golden ale”, but I would challenge the “extra” part. In fact, I wouldn’t have called it hoppy at all. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the brew. It was like a sessionable, light Belgian. Lots of clove & spice with a huge blast of lemon/citrus flavor. All around, a fairly unique and delicious brew.


Author: Joshua Dion

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