Great Divide Rumble IPA

Great Divide Rumble IPA

Yo LIBA Nation, whattup? I’ve been traveling a ton lately, spending a week in Los Angeles and a week in New Orleans since the end of August and sadly, my beer blogging has suffered. Mind you, I’ve been drinking a lot of beer but blogging, not so much.

Today I was finally able to catch up on work and life, and rewarded myself with a nice long run. Good thing, too, because I’ve got just a month left before Josh and Melissa come to D.C. for a beery weekend and the Army 10-Miler race.

But enough about me – you came here for the beer review. I’m cracking open Great Divide’s Rumble oak-aged IPA. It’s the last of the brews left from my previous beer run, and I’m a huge fan of Great Divide, so how better to cap off a great day?

Great Divide Rumble IPA bottle

Rumble pours our a clear copper color, with a nice little foam crown that leaves plenty of lacing on the glass. The oak aging really comes through on the aroma with plenty of sweet woody notes.

I get a lot of that oak aging on the taste, too. Rumble starts off with a great balance of pine hops and a bit of citrus, before shifting into a sweet middle full of vanilla and oak, and ending on a caramel and woodsy end note. That end note really sticks around with a ton of sweetness.

Bottom line – if you see Rumble, buy Rumble. It’s balanced between hops, oaks, and sweetness, and it’s incredibly drinkable.

Author: Silvio

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