Strongbow Gold Apple

Strongbow Gold Apple
Vanna poses

This evening I busted out of work and went straight for a 10 mile run. With it getting dark so early, the after-work runs aren’t going to last long. My run felt great, although I was a little slower than usual. Tonight the Patriots play on Monday Night Football. My goal: Stay awake past half time. Check that. My goal: stay awake past the first quarter.

Instead of reviewing a beer, which would SURELY make me zonk out, I’m tossing in a guest review of Strongbow Gold Apple cider. My buddy Sean reviewed this last week during a poker night I was holding. His thoughts are below…

“It has a yeasty, apple aroma; champagne like. It was quite carbonated with lots of small bubbles. I found it very sweet with a flat (not crisp) finish. Overall it reminded me more of apple juice than cider.”

Thanks for the review Sean!


Author: Joshua Dion

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