The Tap Ignoble and Night Shift Grove

The Tap Ignoble

Did you ever have one of those days where just about everything went wrong? Today was one of those days for me. And guess what? I’m going to use LIBA to complain about it! Things got kicked off with my pets waking me up earlier than I wanted to get up. I decided to use the extra time to fix my Samsung Galaxy S4, which I broke the screen on earlier in the week. In the process of replacing said screen, I cracked the digitizer. And I don’t mean a little crack that might not be an issue, I DESTROYED it. For those who don’t, the screen costs about $10 to replace, but the digitizer costs more like $150. The phone, which is less than 2 months old, went in the trash and I pulled out my old Galaxy S3. Later in the afternoon we decided to go for a run. As I started out, I realized the S3 hadn’t been fully activated, and I had no internet, no GPS and thus no Runkeeper. By this time, I’m ready to punch something. I could go on about how I stopped at the library to get on their wi-fi and try to activate my phone, and eventually gave up on the phone and my run…but I’ll quit ranting. Oh wait, there’s also the smoke alarm I set off while making dinner, and en episode with my headphones getting stuck in the door. I’ll leave those to your imagination.

I’m keeping things rolling tonight with two beers which I completely hated. First off, was The Tap Ignoble, an imperial Pilsner. It came across as way too bitter, with more piney hop flavor than I cared for. I probably got 1/4 the way through it before I decided that life was too short to drink beer I’m not a huge fan of. I poured the rest down the drain.

I hoped that Night Shift Grove would come to the rescue, but that too was tremendously bad. The beer, brewed with lemons and ruby red grapefruit had at least the promise of being unique. Well, it was unique alright, and bizarrely so. Lemon was quite obvious, but so were some saison notes,which all mixed with tartness from the grapefruit. Also straight down the drain.

Silver lining: tomorrow HAS to be better.


Night Shift Grove

Author: Joshua Dion

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