Berkshire Oktoberfest

Berkshire Oktoberfest

I have a confession to make: I’m woefully backlogged on LIBA posts. Among the victims of my laziness: a book review (and giveaway), a handful of beers I tried weeks ago and a recap of this past weekend’s trip to Washington DC. Nevermind all the beer I have sitting in the fridge waiting to get reviewed. Le sigh. Tonight I’m plucking one item off the list: a review of Berkshire Oktoberfest, which I drank 10 days ago or so.

I wish I could say I loved the beer. It’s quite popular here in Massachusetts, and many websites rate the beer very highly. For me, the beer wasn’t good at all. It had lots of malt as you would expect from an Oktoberfest, but I also found it to have a sharp earthy bitterness that turned me off. You know, moss, dirt and the like. Just not my bag, but don’t let it stop you from trying it.


Author: Joshua Dion

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