Do Can Pineapple Express

Do Can Pineapple Express

Tonight’s anecdote is about how much “fun” I had yesterday. The day got off to a good start, as I got to work early and got a lot done. Around mid-morning I needed to take the cat to the vet, but came out to the car to find a flat tire. Toss the cat into the car, I proceeded to make the fastest tire change in the history of tire changes – under 10 minutes to get the donut on. Oh, and it was raining. The vet appointment was a consult. I spoke to a soft tissue surgeon for approximately 8 minutes. The cost? $187…for 8 minutes. Later in the day, I shot over to the car dealer to get the tire fixed. The good news: the tire itself was fine. The bad news – the tire pressure sensor needed to be replaced to the tune of $165. Stupid Wednesday.

Today went much better. That is, nothing remarkable happened.

So, this evening I’m chilling out and drinking a bottle of Do Can Pineapple Express. Do Can is a nano operation out of Lowell, MA. I first tried their beer at the 2014 Mass Brewer’s Fest. I liked both beers I tried, so when I saw their beer on the shelves at Julio’s, I knew I had to officially review it.

The Pineapple Express is an American IPA. It has a 5.6% ABV. The beer is SUPER tasty, with nothing but tropical citrus flavors. I wouldn’t say it necessarily tastes a lot like pineapple, but it’s pretty fantastic regardless! Very solid beer from a fledgling operation.


Author: Joshua Dion

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