Cider Creek Original Farmhouse Cider

Cider Creek Original Farmhouse Cider

This past Saturday we met the owners of Cider Creek at Julio’s Cider Fest. I was excited to tell them that I had recently bought a bottle of their Original Farmhouse Cider and that it was waiting for me in my fridge at home. They were very friendly and enjoyed telling me about their process of handpicking and pressing the apples on their farm in upstate NY.

The first thing you will notice with this cider is the carbonation. This is the most effervescent cider I’ve ever seen. There is also a small amount of sediment. The scent is sweet and appley. The flavor is very balanced and really grew on me as I drank the bottle. 6.9% ABV.

I was also able to try their Saison Reserve cider at the fest and enjoyed it very much.


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