Slumbrew Island Day

Slumbrew Island Day

Sunday night. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I want more weekend. At least I have a 4-day week ahead of me; this coming Friday I head to Washington DC for a weekend with Silvio.

Tonight I’m watching the Patriots and the Bengals. The Patriots have not played well this year, so coming into the game I though (as did most of New England) that the Pats were going to get destroyed. After a quarter of play, I can say I was wrong. The team is playing quite well and appears fired up and ready to play. Here’s hoping they keep it up all game long.

While I watch, I’m trying out this Slumbrew Island Day. This is an American IPA from the Sommerville-based beer company. It’s a decent IPA, with serious citrus notes up front and a distinct pine finish. The hops are well balanced, with no harshness or astringent flavors. All around, not too shabby.

Go Pats!


Author: Joshua Dion

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