Traveler Illusive Shandy and Traveler Curious Shandy

Traveler Illusive Shandy and Traveler Curious Shandy

I spent this weekend helping my wife run a table at Boston VegFest, an eco/vegetarian festival in Boston. It was a great weekend and the business did quite well. We also ate like pigs because of the number of vegan food options. Some of the best stuff we had were the donuts from Sabertooth vegan bakery, that had a table next to us. Their stuff was so good, they sold out on both Saturday and Sunday! A special thanks goes out to Evie and Mike from Sabertooth – thanks for keeping us company!

Tonight I’m relaxing after the long weekend of selling. I’m watching the Patriots game on DVR (no spoilers please) and trying out some shandy – Traveler Illusive Shandy and Traveler Curious Shandy to be specific.

Curious is a straight-forward shandy, a wheat ale brewed with lemon peel. I liken it to some similar options out there, most notably Leinenkugel Shandy, although Leine’s version is notably sweeter. A good summer beer, although still a bit too sweet for me.

Illusive is grapefruit-infused and is akin to Steigl Radler. Like Steigl, the flavor of grapefruit is abundantly obvious. I find is less carbonated than Steigl, but also less sweet, making it far more drinkable.

Both the Curious and the Illusive are good shandy beers and both are worth trying.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.