Traveler Jack-O

Traveler Jack-O

Happy Friday LIBA nation! This weekend will be a busy one for us, as I am helping Melissa run the Ecolissa booth at Boston VegFest. I’m a master at selling women’s clothing and accessories, and there will be awesome veterinarian food, so it will be a great time even though we will be working.

Tonight I’m trying out Traveler Jack-O. This is the first Traveler beer I’ve had. My understanding is that Traveler is a subsidiary of Boston Beer (Sam Adams), which specializes in shandy style brews. I bought three of their brews on my recent beer run and I’m excited to try them.

Fun fact: Shandy isn’t an official style of beer. People typically correlate the word “Shandy” with half-beer-half-lemonade concoctions. This pseudo-style is usually associated with summertime. The Traveler Jack-O seems to break the mold of other shandys I have had. That is, it tastes just like beer. After Googling, I realized there is a reason for this: it is a wheat beer. I suppose when you run a company that brews a non-existent style, you can bend the non-existent rules!

As far as pumpkin beers go, Jack-O is decent. It’s super spicy and packs a solid pumpkin punch. Although it’s a wheat beer, I find it as robust and flavorful as any pumpkin ale out there. Definitely worth a try if you’re of the pumpkin persuasion!


Traveler Jack-O

Author: Joshua Dion

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