Long Trail Sick Day IPA

Long Trail Sick Day IPA

Happy Thanksgiving to me! Tonight Melissa and I are making our Thanksgiving dinner, including Tofurkey, roasted garlic/onions/carrots, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, and cranberry sauce (the tube of over-sweetened canned jelly, none of that chunky real crap). As we wait for dinner to cook, we’re taking in a movie – 22 Jump Street. Sadly, as a kid I never watched 21 Jump Street, so I know there is a lot lost on me. It’s still a hilarious movie.

The beer of choice tonight is Long Trail Sick Day IPA. This is an American IPA with a 6.8% ABV. On the pour, I find it to be quite dark colored, a deep mahogany with one finger of head which dissipated quickly. As far as flavors, it’s a relatively mild IPA. In a blind test, I might go as far as classifying it as an English IPA. Malt dominates up front, and melts into a subtle flowery finish.

If you’re a hop head looking for a beer that smacks you in the face, Long Trail Sick Day IPA is not a good choice. If you’re looking for something on the more mild side (perhaps a hopped-up pale ale), then this might be worth a try.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.