Two Roads Route of All Evil

Two Roads Route of All Evil

One more day to go before a long weekend! Tomorrow should be a relatively light day at work, and with any luck I’ll get out a little early. Of course, “early” for me means working a 9 hour day instead of 11, but it’s all good! Our plans for the upcoming holiday are pretty simple – hang with family and friends each day, and cap the weekend off with a Sunday full of football.

Tonight I took a trip to Julio’s for a much needed beer run. I picked up a slew of brews that I’m looking forward to trying out. Maybe tomorrow I’ll haul them all out of the fridge and take a picture to share.

From my loot, I’m enjoying Two Roads Route of All Evil this evening. When it comes to American black ales, I’m a bit of a stickler for good balance. That is, I want my black ale to bring a solid roasted malt flavor, which is balanced out by hops also. The beer can’t bee too malty, and shouldn’t be too hoppy. Two Roads Route of All Evil is borderline too hoppy for my liking. There is significant citrus hops in play, and it overpowers the roasted malt just a wee too much.

This is still a solid beer, which I would recommend you try. Just call me finicky about this style.


Author: Joshua Dion

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