Victory Storm King and Victory Dirt Wolf

Victory Storm King

Hey folks. I’ve been away from the blog for a couple of days due to the holidays and my internet being down. A power outage whacked our TV and internet for about 48 hours. Yesterday was an interesting day, as we entertained ourselves by non-electronic means. I cracked open a book for the first time in months and got over 1/3 the way through it! We also worked out, something we’re trying to get back into the habit of doing. With the arrival of cold weather, we are relegated to running at the gym, which I hate. To keep myself motivated, I have been trying to drop my 5k time below 20 minutes. Yesterday I crushed my previous personal record, running 3.1 miles in 20:17. Only 17 seconds left to trim off….17 LOOOOOONG seconds!

I have a stack of beer reviews backed up, so all this coming week I’ll be posting them. Today’s reviews are holdovers from a couple of month ago! The brews? Victory Storm King and Victory Dirt Wolf.

The Storm King is an imperial stout that I found ridiculously bitter, with super dark roasted coffee flavors, some dark chocolate notes, and faint sweet toffee malts. I was not a fan. Too dark and roasty for me.

The Dirt Wolf was mega hoppy and not well balanced at all, even for an imperial IPA. It socked me with HUGE pine flavors and looking at my notes, I wrote “PINE, PINE, PINE!” Also, sadly, not a fan, although serious hop heads would love the beer.


Victory Dirt Wolf

Author: Joshua Dion

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