Do Can Hop Coffee and Do Can Roasted Coffee Stout

Do Can Hop Coffee

Last week I got asked to write the cover story for the February/March edition of Yankee Brew News. Although taking this on is additional work on top of my regular column for the paper, I couldn’t turn the offer down. The topic is the Spencer Trappist brewery, which I visited this past summer. As you may recall, I lost ALL of my notes from the nearly 4 hour visit when my phone was destroyed. Well, this past weekend I sat down with the phone, reassembled it, and managed to extract all of my notes, despite having a screen that didn’t function. Hells yes! Now, instead of the piece being stressful and having to rely on my memory, it will be fun to write.

I first tried Do Can beer at the 2014 Mass brewer’s Fest. I was pleasantly surprised that the nano brewery was brewing some good beer. As a result, I recently picked up a couple of bottles of their stuff at Julio’s: Do Can Hop Coffee and Do Can Roasted Coffee Stout. I recently shared these beers with friends Ben & Nicole. Below are our thoughts.

Do Can Hop Coffee

  • Ben: Picked up black licorice on the nose. Thought it reminded him of drinking home brew.
  • Nicole: Tastes like cold brewed coffee.
  • Lost: The beer is a black IPA and coffee stout hybrid. Quite the frannkenbeer, and you can tell when you drink it that it’s a strange bird. Truly bizarre flavors in my opinion, starting off as a coffee beer and finishing more like a black IPA. Points for uniqueness, however in the end it was mostly just weird with too many competing flavors on the palette.

Do Can Roasted Coffee Stout

Roasted Coffee Stout

  • Ben: Not good for him at all.
  • Nicole: She powered through her sample, but admitted it wasn’t very good.
  • Lost: The bottle was a gusher upon opening. Perhaps the worst gusher I have ever seen. It foamed for minutes. Clearly something wrong with the beer. Perhaps bottled too soon, or worse yet, infected. I picked up lots of roasted coffee flavor, but it wasn’t well balanced and came across as overpowering.


Author: Joshua Dion

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