Dark Horse 4 Elf

Dark Horse 4 Elf

OK folks, confession time. I have been stupidly busy with work and I am knowingly neglecting the website. Most work days are 11 hours at a minimum. On top of that, at least 3 weeknights we have plans. This leaves Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings to blog…and many times I just want to relax! This craziness is (hopefully) short lived, as I’m in the middle of a mad-dash to hire a bunch of people in Q1. Once the hiring is over, I expect things to return to a more normal pace.

Not writing has meant that you all have missed out on some things happening in my life. For example, I recently broke my person record for running a 5k, getting my time under 20 minutes! In other news, Melissa and I are headed back to Mexico in a couple of weeks, which we are SUPER excited about.

Tonight I’m drinking a Dark Horse 4 Elf, a winter warmer style beer. The cold has arrived here in New England, and my palette has firmly moved into winter beer mode; dark beers are now welcome.

Generally speaking, I tend to like (or love) beer from Dark Horse. This beer isn’t any different, and I’m enjoying it. It’s a straight-forward warmer with malty, brown sugar sweetness mixed with holiday spices like nutmeg an perhaps cinnamon. More sweet than spice, although the aroma indicates the opposite. Overall – above average, but not amazing by any means.


Author: Joshua Dion

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