Devil’s Backbone Eight Point IPA

Devil's Backbone Eight Point IPA

Another weekend has come and gone. Looking on the bright side, it’s a three day week, followed by a 4-day week, followed by a week in Cancun!

Today I sat on my butt all day watching football. I only got out of my pajamas to go to the gym. Post-gym, it was right back into the jammies. Epic day. I’m basically out of beer right now and a trip to Julio’s is imminent. Tonight I’m pulling out an “archived” review. You know…the ones I have scribbled on scraps of paper all over the house?

I enjoyed Devil’s Backbone Eight Point IPA a week or two back. My buddy Greg brought me the can back from Virginia, where he travels to frequently for work. The beer is a standard American IPA. floral and pine notes, with a caramel malt finish. A hop-forward, but balanced brew. Solidly average, but worth trying if you’re in the Virginia area.


Author: Joshua Dion

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