Long Trail 25th Anniversary

Long Trail 25th Anniversary (1)

Now that the holidays are over, I’m looking forward to our vacation to Cancun next week. I’m excited to trade the hamster-wheel of work and life for the beach and the pool bar. I have to admit, Melissa and I may be getting more than we bargained for on this trip. When I booked the trip two weeks ago, it was in haste; I had decided I wanted to go on vacation the first week of January, but the clock was ticking on available flights. The resort I picked had all the required check-boxes: all-inclusive, 4-5 stars, highly rated by reviewers and 18+ only. It wasn’t until we started digging deeper into the reviews and discovered that this resort is quite open minded. Put another way: it’s frequented by swingers. It’s also about 50-60% topless during the day. We’re no prudes, so this will not change our plans, however we do expect to come home with some interesting stories!

Long Trail 25th Anniversary (1)

This past weekend I received a bottle of Long Trail 25th Anniversary from my mother; it was a Christmas gift. I gave the beer a try, but was disappointed. It’s an American stout and comes in a bomber style bottle. It’s aged in a oak bourbon barrel, and as such, there were lots of flavors going on: Oak, vanilla, chocolate, others. To be completely frank, it was far too sweet for me. I will say that although I did not enjoy the beer, it is highly rated elsewhere online. My recommendation: if you’re going to try it, get it on draft in a small sample size, or share a bottle with a few friends. More than 9-10 ounces is too much for one person in my opinion…unless you really love sweet beers.


Author: Joshua Dion

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