Idle Hands Klara

Idle Hands Klara

Once in a while I have a beer experience that reminds me how fickle (and ridiculously subjective) the reviewing process is. The other day I went to the fridge for a beer looking for something light and perhaps hoppy. At least that’s what I thought I wanted. I decided to grab an Idle Hands Klara, which didn’t exactly fit the bill, but sounded good. By style, it’s an export lager…which is not usually hoppy beer. In fact, they are often slightly more malty.

The second the beer hit my lips, I realized it was EXACTLY what I needed. This beer screams traditional German and made me think “this is beer”. Klara is super smooth and buttery on the palette. It brings a grainy, bready flavor mixed with earthy hops. At 5.5% ABV, it was uber drinkable. I LOVED it.

Which, brings me back to where I started this post. While I drank this beer, I reflected on the fact that another night I may have reviewed this beer as simple and boring. Nothing against the beer; it simply represents a style that I usually don’t find exciting. However, for one reason or another (mood, weather, what I had for dinner, stage of the moon, etc), Klara came across as amazing to me. I often wonder if I was secretly given the same beer to review each week, would I review it differently every time?



Author: Joshua Dion

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