Sebago Slick Nick

Sebago Slick Nick

I suppose you figured that since I was out of the country, I wouldn’t be posting any reviews. Well, buddy, the joke is on you. I’ve prepared a handful of reviews this week to keep you entertained in my absence.

Sebago Slick Nick is a 6% ABV winter warmer, although frankly, it’s a failure for the style in my honest opinion. I expect a winter warmer to be dark and spicy. In this style, I expect to be tasting a Christmas tree, a Christmas cookie, or something of the like. Sebago Slick Nick is more like a pale ale dominated by earthy hops. I shared the beer with my buddy Sean and we both (independently) came to the same conclusion. We also agreed it wasn’t a bad beer, per se, just not a good representation of a winter warmer.


Author: Joshua Dion

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