Captain Lawrence Frost Monster

Captain Lawrence Frost Monster

Over the last week I’ve been catching up on reviews of beers I drank with friends Ben and Nicole. Tonight’s review is of one of the last beers I tried that evening, and as such, I can almost guarantee that it’s the most unfair review of the bunch. While I wasn’t completely schmammered at the point in the evening when I tried the beer, I certainly wasn’t sober. So, take my commentary (at least what there is of it) with a grain of salt.

The beer in question is Captain Lawrence Frost Monster. This is an imperial stout, and holy hell, is it ‘imperial”…all 12% ABV of it. This is a prime candidate for cellar aging. We drank it quite fresh. My notes are embarrassing and read as follows: “I drank a lot of beer”. Yup. That’s my entire “review”. Other than that, I noted that I liked it and Nicole liked it. No idea what Ben thought.

So yeah…not my most thorough review. If the opportunity presents itself at a later date, I will surely re-review this one.


Author: Joshua Dion

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