Oxbow La Griseta

Oxbow La Griseta

Fair warning: this post contains a lot of sports-related talk. A beer review of Oxbow La Griseta may or may not appear at the end of my football rant.

Unless you live on Mars, you know that the Patriots just won the 2015 Superbowl. The game was absolutely amazing, with two perfectly matched teams dueling it out. It was the definition of a classic football match-up, and for once I truly felt like the best team in the AFC came to the big game to take on the best team in the NFC. Although the whole game was a fantastic heart-pounding thriller, the last moments of the game were jaw-dropping. The animated GIFs I’ve lifted and dropped into this post pretty much tell the whole story.

It was like the David Tyree catch, but 10 times worse.
It was like the David Tyree catch, but 10 times worse.

In the final minutes of the game, the Patriots had fought back and scored a touchdown to put the team ahead by 4 points. With minimal time left on the clock, it would take a miracle for Seattle to get down field and score a touchdown to win. That miracle took the form of an impossible catch, which I chalk up to 50% skill and 50% luck. The above GIF shows the insanity of the catch; how the ball didn’t hit the ground or get swatted away, I have no idea.

With Seattle in easy scoring position, Pats fans around the country collectively groaned.

First down and less than a yard.  "Let's throw the ball!"
First down and less than a yard. “Let’s throw the ball!”

With certain doom at hand, the Patriots managed to take the ball away from Seattle, in part due to an inexplicable coaching call on Seattle’s part (they should have never have thrown the ball in that scenario), and the amazing play of a rookie Patriot’s player. The interception is captured above.

At the moment of the interception, you would have thought I was instantaneously possessed by the devil. I leaped from the couch, screamed like a banshee, proceeded to dance with a vigor that would insult most people’s senses. I finished my celebration by spiking my hat on the floor and aggressively high-fiving all 10 people in the room. Put another way: I lost my shit.

Amazing season for the Patriots. I still need to be pinched. “Is this real life?”

Brady's reaction was similar to mine.
Brady’s reaction was similar to mine.

Tonight’s beer review is not from last night, but rather a hold-over from last weekend when I drank some beers with friends Ben and Nicole. We tried a number of beers, with one of the first being Oxbow La Griseta. This, I believe, was the first time I had tried a beer from this Maine-based brewery.

At 3.8% ABV, it was super sessionable. I found it to be unique among saisons in that it was quite tart, rather than spicy or peppery. I liked the beer and appreciated the tartness…it reminded me of a Berlinerweisse (perhaps). Ben thought it was a great session beer, although was a little turned off initially by the strong lemon aroma. Nicole thought it tasted like fizzy juice and agreed that it was a good beer. All three thumbs up!


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