Pipeworks Zombie Gnome

Pipeworks Zombie Gnome

Le sigh. As usual, this weekend went by too quick! Friday night we hung out at home and Saturday evening we went into Sommerville to see Bumps Upon a Grind. The show was in a tiny base-level theater that we had never been to before. A decent show, with some good humor mixed in with all the boobs (it’s a burlesque show).

I’m still desperately behind on beer reviews. I have a stack of old reviews sitting next to me, and a fridge overflowing with beer. It’s kinda crazy, actually. Tonight I try to catch up just a little bit with a review of Pipeworks Zombie Gnome.

The brew is a smoked saison style, and lordy…it tastes just like what you would imagine: smoked ham mixed with banana, clove and other similar spices. I was tremendously happy to be sharing this one with friends Ben & Nicole! We all managed to plow through the stuff, but I’m not sure anyone truly enjoyed it. I suppose, if you love smoked beers, and you love saisons, this is your beer. I don’t like saisons, and I generally dislike smoked beer…so there you go.


Author: Joshua Dion

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