Boston Beer Samuel Adams Escape Route

Boston Beer Samuel Adams Escape Route

I rarely talk about work here, however tonight I’m making an exception. At work I’ve been trying to hire a certain position for one of my groups for quite some time. It’s been a long road with endless resumes and interviews. On the bright side, I could be a professional interviewer at this point! The candidates have ranged from borderline psychos to rock stars. I had two people of the latter category make it all the way through the process, only to turn my offer down. Ouch! Today I finally found someone to fill the role. Now I just need the person to accept!!

I’m semi-celebrating this evening with a bottle of Boston Beer Samuel Adams Escape Route. The beer is a Kolsch style beer, which is typically a summer beer. Drinking a summer beer during a nasty, cold, snowy winter is REALLY hitting the spot. “Escape Route” is in reference to finding a way out of winter…I’m hoping we’re about to turn the corner on the weather here in New England and we indeed find an escape route ourselves! The beer is light and super lemony. I’m also picking up a slight hint of some kind of spice, perhaps clove. This is the very last beer in my fridge and I’m hoping on my next beer run I get an opportunity to pick up a slew of light and refreshing spring/summer style beers. It’s time to retire all that is winter, including all that dark beer.


Author: Joshua Dion

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