Boston Beer Samuel Adams Rebel Rider Session IPA

Boston Beer Samuel Adams Rebel Rider Session IPA

Melissa and I are currently looking for a new home and this afternoon we went to our first open house. It was new construction of townhomes in Hudson, MA. Although the location was nice, the layouts of the homes was quite strange. The kitchen and livingroom on the main level were both tiny. The three bedrooms on the top floor were all quite small. The two side-by-side full baths on the second floor was just strange. And finally, the bottom floor had a finished basement of sorts, which had a strange shape and an oddly placed gas fireplace. The places are selling quickly, so I suppose lots of people don’t mind the layout. For us, it was bizzaroid.

For the rest of the afternoon I plan on relaxing and doing little to nothing. This week at work will be another stressful one, so I need to take in the laziness now. I’m starting off with watching a classic movie: Tremors, and drinking this bottle of Boston Beer Samuel Adams Rebel Rider Session IPA.

The Rebel Rider is a west coast style American IPA. Translated: it’s mega hoppy. I have had a lot of session IPAs and this is the most bitter. The label calls for grapefruit and pine flavors, but all I get is solid pine. By how bold the flavors are, I would never guess that this is 4.5% ABV. Net-net: it’s too hoppy for me, and I can’t see myself drinking a bunch of these. Uber hop-heads who have been waiting for a west-coast style session beer should be very happy with the Rider.


Author: Joshua Dion

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