Hopsters Imperialist IPA

Hopsters Imperialist IPA

One week ago I caught what I thought was a minor cold. It started out with an innocent dry cough. Then some body aches started. Then the chills. Then massive exhaustion. By Friday of last week, I was down…and I mean DOWN HARD. And I was down for three straight days. Influenza. I can see how this SOB virus once killed 50-100 million people. For the three days I had a fever of nearly 103, the sweats, the chills, a headache that nestled nicely behind my eyeballs, body aches (every part of me hurt), sinus congestion, chest congestion and a cough that produced volumes of yellow gook. I left the couch no more than six times during the three day stretch, each time to piss. Each time I quickly finished, fighting off dizzy spells, and retreated to the matted, damp, disgustingly sick-ridden corner of the couch I had made my temporary death bed. By Monday I was finally functional enough to sit up, move around the house a bit and feed myself (I had lost ~5 pounds due to lack of appetite). I’m still not 100%, as I can’t shake a nagging, deep cough.

It was quite possibly the worst weekend to get sick. On friday, I was supposed to go to Medusa Brewing’s private opening party. On Saturday, I had won Bruin’s tickets, including private sedan service to and from the game. Saturday night I had dinner plans. Sunday morning I was supposed to run my first 5k of the year. And Sunday afternoon my buddy Sean was going to treat me to a round of indoor golf on him. None of this happened. Fuck. My. Life.

But hey, I survived, and now I’m finally back to reviewing beer.

The victorious return-review will be Hopsters Imperialist IPA, a double IPA. First off, this pours a VERY dark and murky amber color…perhaps even light mahogany. Very large 3 finger head, although I did pour aggressively. Intense flavors. Earthy. Borderline dark fruits. This is one of those double IPAs that, for me, teeter over to closer to a barleywine. The malt flavors in this are strong, although aren’t outdone by the hops. A good beer, but not great as far as imperial IPAs go.


Author: Joshua Dion

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