Mystic Melissa

Mystic Melissa

HI EVERYBODY! Remember me? Long time no blog, eh? Life has been bonkers lately. Long work hours and busy action-packed evening and weekends. Add in an ample helping of laziness on my part, and here we are. I’d like to say there’s a lot new in the last three weeks, but there frankly isn’t all that much. The biggest news is that my wife got a full time job and we are in the process of finding a new place to live (locally).

My company on this lazy Sunday afternoon is Mystic Melissa, a beer brewed in the rare style of Scottish gruit. It is brewed with “a botanical blend of lemon balm, juniper berries and lavender flower”. I only bought this beer because my wife (Melissa) picked up the bottle and asked me why I wasn’t buying it. Flowery/herbal beers are not normally my thing. The Mystic Melissa isn’t too bad though. It’s most definitely flowery, balanced out with lemon flavors, which I find to be the stronger element at play. I made my Melissa try Melissa and she said “definitely smells like beer” and after trying it “it’s not bad”. Although I’ll manage to get through the bomber, 12 ounces would have been more than enough for me.


Author: Joshua Dion

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