Night Shift Morph

Night Shift Morph

Last night I talked about our search for a home, how we had found a fantastic place and how we were anxiously awaiting locking in the offer. Well, everything went swimmingly and the offer contract has been signed by both parties. We are excited, even through we have a long way to go between the inspection, the purchase and sales agreement and then closing out into June. If you care to take a peek, you can check the place out while the listing stays up.

After a rough stretch of shitty weather, endless days at work, sickness and basically a miserable winter things are really starting to fall in place. We are back into a rhythm hitting the gym on a regular basis (training for a half marathon), the weather is starting to get nice again and I have managed to relieve a TON of stress at work. Life is good.

After last night’s amazing beer from Night Shift, I am pretty pumped to try this can of Night Shift Morph. Morpth is a beer that the brewers change the recipe on regularly; each batch is quite different. In order to learn about what’s in your can, you have to check out the date stamp and then look up the batch.

The can I’m drinking was canned on 3/26. SUPER fresh, as I sit here drinking it on 3/31. It’s evident how fresh it is from how potent the hops are. The Night Shift website describes this batch as follows:

Batch 3/10/15 – Clean, crisp, tropical IPA with a bright, citrusy, bitter finish (5.7%)

Clean? Yes
Crisp? Yup
Tropical? mmmmm…..not particularly
Citrusy? Yup
Bitter finish? Yes, and too much!

I got a ton of over-the-top citrus, with a harsh finish. I felt like I might have picked up pine flavor somewhere in the middle. The finish was brutal. In a vast world of IPAs, this one gets a pass from me.


Author: Joshua Dion

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