Grimm Gradient

Grimm Gradient

Well folks, we had our inspection of the new place today and it went swimmingly. The place is pristine and there was only one small electrical issue to be addressed as a result of the inspection. I even learned a couple of things about the unit that made me love it even more. There was even a moment when I was standing in the dining room chatting with the inspector and the seller’s agent, where I totally felt at home. That is, at that moment I could totally picture myself at home, chatting with friends and drinking a beer. It was a fantastic feeling and I’m very excited to have a place of our own once again.

To celebrate a successful inspection, I’m downing this bomber of Grimm Gradient. The beer is a 6% ABV Flanders oud bruin, a tart-to-sour style that is relatively rare here in the states. As far as sour beers goes, this is my favorite style. The Gradient is done quite well. At first it’s pretty damn sour. My palette quickly adjusted and the beer went down easy thereafter. It’s brewed with blackberries, however I get very little berry flavor. Perhaps the sour notes are overtaking any blackberry. In any event, I really like the beer. As this is the first time I’ve tried a beer from Grimm (a New York brewery), I’m impressed and will be trying more of their stuff!


Author: Joshua Dion

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