Ipswich Route 101

Ipswich Route 101

What a week. I am completely and utterly spent, physically and mentally. Besides a slam-packed day of meetings, of worthy note today, I used my 14 minutes of my only free time to shop around for moving companies. I think I found a killer deal from a reputable and very local company. I’m ready for a nice long weekend; I have Monday off from work.

As soon as I got home I tore off my stuffy work clothes, and hopped into my comfiest pair of jeans and threw on my bad-ass-skull-smoking-a-cigar Poison (band) t-shirt. We’re about to spend the evening out with friends Ben and Nicole, however I wanted to sneak another beer review in.

Ipswich Route 101 is in my glass. I wanted to take it easy and this was the only [relatively] low ABV [6%] beer in the fridge. Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a west coast IPA this afternoon. Personally, “West coast” might as well read “stupidly over hopped” to me. HOWEVER, I’m quite pleased with the Route 101. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s hoppy as hell. It packs a fruity/citrus punch and is backed up by a SOLID malt backbone. Well balance. Enjoyable!

As promised, I’m giving away Freakers with each post until I run out. Today you have another shot at one of the remaining drink insulators. The first person to comment below wins!


Author: Joshua Dion

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