Mayflower Alden

Mayflower Alden

Here is your home buying update of the day. Inspection has been secured for next week. Mortgage “stuff” is underway and I expect a call from the bank tomorrow. In lousy news, the loan officer told me that the bank won’t let me use my own attorney for closing. Some kind of shit about them having a preferred list of attorneys. Sounds like garbage to me.

Tonight we’re off to trivia for the first time in quite some time. Hopefully I remember what I’m doing, although it shouldn’t be hard; my contribution to the team is less about answering trivia questions and more about throwing back beers and being entertaining.

Before I shoot off tonight, I’m trying out this Mayflower Alden. This is an imperial IPA in the Mayflower limited edition cooper series. This particular beer was bottled in February. It’s brewed with one of my favorite hops, a variety called Citra, which usually brings along tropical citrus flavors. And indeed, Alden packs some of that tropicalness. It also packs a strong, bitter, hoppy finish. It’s an enjoyable beer, albeit very hoppy and not recommended for those who are not hop heads.


Author: Joshua Dion

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