Narragansett Innsmouth Olde Ale

Narragansett Innsmouth Olde Ale

This weekend was a busy one here. On Saturday we ran an Ecolissa table at Framingham’s Earth Day Festival. The afternoon was highlighted by an epic sunburn on my nose, which is turning out to be quite uncomfortable. Today we ran our first 5k of the year and I managed a time of 20:45, 8 seconds off of my personal record. Not too shabby! In the afternoon we went to New England Veg Fest in Worcester. The pace was PACKED and Melissa and I both got quite claustrophobic. We had some delicious vegan bites and loaded up on vegan pastries to take home. After a solid 2 hour sugar coma nap, I’m trying to be productive with a little packing; the move is getting closer and closer.

Before I get to it, I’m trying out this Narragansett Innsmouth Olde Ale. It’s a 7% ABV beer, made in the old ale style. If you’re into malty beer, the Innsmouth is for you. I get a deep and sweet malt flavor throughout. No noticeable hops to speak of. I also get milk chocolate…with perhaps some dark fruit in the mix. Not too shabby!

As promised, I’m giving away Freakers with each post until I run out. Today you have another shot at one of the remaining drink insulators (Bromance, 1Chainz, Lumbersmack). The first person to comment below wins!


Author: Joshua Dion

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