Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale

Maine Island Trail Ale

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was one of the few lucky enough to have yesterday (Patriot’s Day) off from work. It was a productive day, filled with house cleaning and running errands. I also picked up and played a couple of new-to-me video games. I haven’t play a video game in at least 6 months. I grabbed used copies of Dragon’s Dogma and Far Cry 3. These are both open-world games, which is my favorite style of game. Lord knows I’ll never find time to play them, especially with the house move imminent, but whatevs.

Tonight I have a church commitment, but before headed out I’m trying out a tallboy can of Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale.

For the record, I have enjoyed Rising Tide beers in the past. In fact, Zephyr is an AMAZEBALLS beer that I often recommend to people.

With that off my chest I have to tell you how much I dislike this Island Trail Ale. Marketed as a “crisp and hoppy American session ale”, the beer is technically an American pale ale. I picked it because I needed a nice session beer I could drink before headed off to my church-related event tonight. That’s the beauty of session beer, is it not? Well, low ABV is about all this beer has going for it. At first sip all I get is a soapy flavor. If I search hard, I can detect some pine flavor also. For the most part, it’s a watered down can of soap. And for the record, having been canned less than 3 weeks ago, no one can claim it’s not fresh. Bleck! This one is going down the drain.

As promised, I’m giving away Freakers with each post until I run out. Today you have another shot at one of the remaining drink insulators. The first person to comment below wins!


Author: Joshua Dion

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