Slumbrew Seasonale Creep

Slumbrew Seasonale Creep

Good evening all. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Not much to report on my end, other than our home inspection being tomorrow. Here’s hoping there aren’t any hitches.

Tonight I’m watching the movie Blended and drinking a bottle of Slumbrew Seasonale Creep. The name of the beer is a rip on all the breweries that come out with seasonal beer far too early. It appears to be jokingly intended as a summer beer. Sadly, I bet I could go out right now and find a “real” summer beer already for sale.

Creep is a typical (and well made) saison. It is 6% ABV. It packs a bunch of spice up front (clove?), followed by biscuity malt and citrus fruit hops. Saisons are not my favorite style, however this one is kinda growing on me!


Author: Joshua Dion

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