Brewmaster Jack Ambrewsia

Brewmaster Jack Ambrewsia

This past Friday I banged out a 13.1 mile training run, which was epic. I was also epically sore after that one, and nearly barfed at the kitchen table as I tried to eat afterward. This evening I went on a 5 mile run, which honestly felt easy. I never thought that running 5 miles would seem anywhere near easy.

Now I’m sitting down to watch the movie unbroken, eating some french bread pizza and drinking this Brewmaster Jack Ambrewsia. My review is short. I’m underwhelmed. Not because it’s a bad beer, by any means. Rather, it’s just another American IPA. At 7% ABV, it is perhaps a bit more boozy than your run of the mill AIPA. Mainly citrus flavors come though, with a mix of floral notes also. Astringent finish. Simply doesn’t stand out in a field of 100s of other beers of the style.


Author: Joshua Dion

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