Brewmaster Jack PrinSIPia

Brewmaster Jack PrinSIPia

Tonight we’re headed off for dinner with church friends, but before we go I wanted to nail down a review. I’m kind of on a roll this week and I want to keep it going.

Brewmaster Jack PrinSIPia is one of the last beers I have in the fridge. Perhaps this wasn’t the best pre-dinner beer; it’s an 11.5% ABV Belgian quadrupel. Oh well, down the hatch!

The first thing I note about this beer is that the body is relatively light for something of this complexity and alcohol content. I find it almost too thin for the style. I get a multitude of flavors with this brew: raisin, plum and other dark fruit, Belgian-ish spices (clove?), and even some licorice. I’m sure there is more to be found in here (chocolate even?), however there is a lot going on and it’s difficult to comprehend. Then again, that could be the 11.5% talking. Weird body aside, I think this is a decent beer.


Author: Joshua Dion

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