Harpoon Braggot Rights

Harpoon Braggot Rights

After over 6 years of beer blogging, it’s pretty damn rare that I run upon a style of beer that’s foreign to me. Tonight, I’m drinking Harpoon Braggot Rights, a beer in Harpoon’s 100 barrel series. It’s a braggot style brew, a style that I have reviewed only once before…and hated it. I ended that review with, and I quote: “this is my very first braggot. I’m hoping it will be my last.”

I was wrong. Harpoon Braggot Rights is an interesting beast. It took me 10 confused sips before figuring out that I was tasting honey with a mix of citrusy hops. The honey was a funky twist I wasn’t expecting. Perhaps a true expert would have known a braggot style beer usually has mead-like qualities.

The mix of flavors made for an interesting and unique blend of flavors. Highly enjoyable, although watch out for the 8% ABV.


Author: Joshua Dion

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