Mayflower Squanto

Mayflower Squanto

Last night I went on a training run, pepping for the half marathon, which is now a little less than three weeks away. It was a terrible run. Before I even started, I knew it would be rough; going into it I had a sore back (going on 10 days since it felt normal), terrible foot pain from plantar faciwhatsits and a screaming hamstring. I made it 7 miles before stopping and nearly vomiting. Attempting the run was probably stupid to start, but I’m glad I did it, because when I woke up this morning all the nagging injuries felt great. I must have needed to stretch everything out, which the run accomplished.

I skipped running again tonight and instead spent 90 minutes cleaning our fridge. There were two goals: get rid of old stuff prior to the big move and more importantly, get rid of the foul dead rat smell. Mission accomplished.

I’m celebrating my cleaning victory with Mayflower Squanto, a 6% ABV farmhouse saison from the Plymouth brewery. The beer is a fantastic example of a super-peppery saison…the exact kind of saison I really don’t like! Don’t get me wrong, I powered through the thing, but you won’t find me ever buying it again. If you’re a peppery saison lover, you should buy all of this beer. All of it.


Author: Joshua Dion

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