Bent Hill Coconut Porter

Bent Hill Coconut Porter

As if moving and unpacking wasn’t stressful enough, we are now packing for our trip to the Azores. I don’t remember if I mentioned the trip on the blog previously. In any event, we’re going for a destination wedding and we’re going to have a blast.

I’m settling down for the evening with just enough time for a beer review before bedtime. In my glass is Bent Hill Coconut Porter, a gift from my mother who visited us last weekend. The beer is an American Porter style brew and carries a 4.4% ABV. The low ABV translates to uber-drinkability. As far as coconut porters go, it’s a decent one. There is no mistaking the toasted coconut, chocolate and faint coffee flavors.

Seeing as I’ve never heard of them before, I assume that Bent Hill is a new brewery. Based on this coconut porter, I’m interested in giving their other beers a go.


Author: Joshua Dion

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