Mystic Day of Doom

Mystic Day of Doom

This afternoon I decided to get back on the horse and go for a run. Poor choice. I may have damaged myself during the half marathon last weekend. My shin is killing me, and it feels nothing like shin splints. My run lasted all of about 90 seconds. So now I sit here, drinking beer in my running clothes. Drinking surely can be considered a sport, right?

The beer in hand is a 2013 bottle of Mystic Day of Doom. The beer, a quadrupel by style, is an 11% beast and I have been aging it for over two years. There have been many times over the last 24+ months that I have resisted the urge to pop the bottle. With the big move looming a week from tomorrow, I’ve decided to drink through my aged beer supply.

As I sit here on a summery day with the patio door open, you would think that a quad is the last beer style I might pick. However, this beer is a-freaking-mazing and I could care less that it’s not a summery beer. I couldn’t be more happy with how the Day of Doom aged. The flavors are dark fruit the whole way. Fig, grape, raisin…and more. Super complex. So enjoyable. Definitely dessert-ish beer though; sweet through and through. A great way to start my weekend!


Author: Joshua Dion

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