Uinta Labyrinth

Uinta Labyrinth

Last evening we hung out with friends Greg, Heather, Joe and Ariana for some drinks and Cards Against Humanity. Greg and Heather just recently started fostering dogs for a local rescue organization. Their first foster is a 15 week old lab-mix, which was ridiculously cute. Of course, only now that I’m typing do I realize that pictures for the blog would have been nice. Instead, just use your imagination and picture an overly energetic puppy running, jumping, playing and then crashing hard, falling asleep in Heather’s arms.

In my continued efforts to clear out all my aging beer before the move, I brought my bottle of 2011 Uinta Labyrinth to share. The beer, an imperial stout, is 13% ABV…hence why I aged the thing. I never expected to let it sit for nearly 4 years, it just kind of happened. As I opened the bottle, I prayed that I had not waited too long, fearing flat beer. Luckily, the beer aged wonderfully. It mellowed out nicely, with the ABV being nearly completely masked by sweet malts. I think the intensity of the licorice mellowed out as well – while it was still a strong player, it didn’t dominate. Other flavors I picked up included oak, a bunch of roasted malt, coffee and even a little smoke.

Very tasty, although I’m not sure it was worth the wait. My expectations were high and I expected it to knock my socks off.


Uinta Labyrinth

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