Bent Hill Maple Red Ale

Bent Hill Maple Red Ale

Yo yo yo. Sup homies? After rushing home for dinner and then running errands for a couple of hours, I’m settling down for the evening. Really nothing else planned for the night, which is good given how busy we have been. For the first time I opened up the skylights in our new place and I’m totally digging the gentle breeze it creates. The past 4-5 days were kind of bonkers. On Thursday our long time friend Jen visited us. On Friday night, my little brother Nick came by. Saturday involved and afternoon wedding followed by the wife (and other wives) going to see Magic Mike while the men drank beer and played games. On a side note, I’m apparently a complete master at Settlers of Catan. Sunday we attended church and worked on unpacking a bit. Suffice it to say that having a chillaxing evening is welcomed.

As I type I’m chugging down a bomber of Bent Hill Maple Red Ale, another gift beer from my wonderful mommy. The beer, a 4.8% ABV amber ale, is brewed with Vermont maple syrup. The result is a very malty, but incredibly drinkable brew. I personally don’t get much maple flavor (caramel rather), but I wouldn’t expect to as most of that is likely lost in the brewing process. Right at the tail end there is a hint of non-hoppy bitterness.

If you’re into malt amber ales, this would be right up your alley.


Author: Joshua Dion

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