Burlington Beer Surfing Waves of Dopamine

Burlington Beer Surfing Waves of Dopamine

What do you folks think of my new method for posting a picture of the beer I’m reviewing? I’ve always wanted to start a blog that was nothing but selfies of me making bizarre faces. It hit me the other day that I already have a platform for it! Perhaps we could also have a caption contest. 🙂

Tonight I’m throwing back a bottle of Burlington Beer Surfing Waves of Dopamine. Unlike last night, I’m waiting until after the beer to take my back medicine. Speaking of my back, I went to the doctor today and basically demanded an MRI. My back problems have persisted for year despite physical therapy and I’m ready to figure out what’s going on.

Surfing Waves of Dopamine is marketed as a “Hoppy Saison”. Beer Advocate lists it as an American IPA. I’m kind of surprised that it’s not categorized as a Belgian IPA, as it most closely resembles that style in my opinion. The brew packs far more spice than hop bitterness. In fact, I’m having difficulty sorting out the hops at all. Perhaps it’s a little citrusy with notes of lemon. Net-net, it tastes like a run of the mill saison to me.

I wouldn’t get it again, given how I’m not a huge siason kinda guy.


Author: Joshua Dion

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