Foley Brothers Fair Maiden

Foley Brothers Fair Maiden

I recently returned from a week in the Azores. We had an amazing time visiting with old friends and enjoying the island life. Later this week I will have to review the island’s main beer: Super Bock. It’s a medium bodied lager (not dissimilar from Budweiser).

This weekend has been an eventful one. We kicked it off with an emergency room visit for my dog, who (accidentally) overdosed on doggy prescription medication. Some fool decided that making drugs that taste like beef would be a great idea. File under: fail. Luckily, after spending two days in the hospital, he’s in the clear. They also changed up his medications; he’s now on the same exact pain killer that I take for my back. He’s also on the same anti-acid medication I take.

Right this second I’m watching Starship Troopers and drinking Foley Brothers Fair Maiden. The beer came from my mom as a gift. It’s an imperial IPA and is 8.2% ABV. I’m pairing it with a muscle relaxer and a potent opiate (my back medication). Don’t worry, the worst case scenario with mixing the three is falling asleep on the couch. The Fair Maiden is a decent imperial IPA. If you’re looking for strong hops, you can find it here. Lots and lots of citrus are present, specifically grapefruit and tangerine. At first it was too bitter, but as it warmed it balanced out nicely. And it’s going down like water. This is brewed in Brandon Vermont, and I expect the distribution range is limited. If you’re in Vermont and happen upon this, I recommend giving it a go.


Author: Joshua Dion

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