Foley Brothers Session

Foley Brothers Session

Tonight I went grocery shopping for the first time since moving. As we have a special diet, grocery shopping can be a challenge. We used to go to Stop and Shop, and now we have the choice between Price Chopper and Hannaford’s. Tonight I gave Price Chopper a go. Fun fact: my first job was bagging groceries at Price Chopper. I can still hear the old store radio jingle in my head…”Price Chopper….raddddiiiiiiiiiiioooooooo”. The trip to the Chopper went better than planned and I was able to find most of what I was looking for. I was especially impressed with their organic produce selection.

I was NOT impressed with their bathrooms.

Now, there is something about grocery stores that gets my tummy grumbling. Just ask my wife how often I end up doing the shit-shuffle while we’re food shopping. Tonight was no different. What sucked about the bathrooms? After doing the deed, I discovered that there was no TP in my stall. I did what every decent person would do and swiftly made my way over to the next stall, pants at ankles, only to find that the second stall was also out of TP. Mind you, the TP holders were those huge ones…you know, the ones that hold rolls of poo-paper that are bigger than that doughnut tire in the trunk of your car? How do you run out of that much TP…seriously?!?! The icing on the cake was when I discovered that the water in the sink was not working. Money.

I’m now home, fully wiped and washed, drinking a bottle of Foley Brothers Session. It’s an American IPA from the Brandon’ Vermont brewer. It’s on the hoppier side for a session beer. Lots and lots of pine. Although I love a great session IPA, this one is a bit bitter for me. If you’re a hop head that’s looking for intense hop flavor and low ABV, this would be a good choice for you.


Author: Joshua Dion

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