Grimm Cherry Oak Shapeshifter

Grimm Cherry Oak Shapeshifter

I don’t recall if I shared this or not, but I recently purchased an XBox One. I had been holding off from buying a next-generation gaming console, mainly because I didn’t think I had time to play games. Funny how you make time for basically useless shit, eh? I’ve been playing a game called Elder Scrolls Online, an online role-playing game. Last evening my wife asked “what do you actually do in this game?” My answer highlighted how ridiculous gaming can be. I told her “I look for materials like flowers, rocks and logs, and I craft things. I go on quests, where I ignore the in-game dialog because there is too much of it. I kill things like spiders and crabs and I level my character up.” And I can’t stop playing.

Tonight I’m not playing the game, but instead watching a movie called Safety Not Guaranteed. I’m paring the movie with a seriously unique brew: Grimm Cherry Oak Shapeshifter. The beer is a scotch ale that’s been aged in brandy barrels with tart cherries. I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted anything like it. Oak comes through first, both on the nose and on the palette. It’s quickly followed by a strong tart flavor. It doesn’t scream “cherry”, which I think is fantastic; many cherry beers come across too medicinal.

After a half-pint, I was starting to warm up to it, but then I topped off the glass. The pour was straight up gross. The largest clumps of sentiment I’ve ever seen came rolling out of the barrel. To say the body appeared abnormally heavy would be an understatement. It looked like a beer-sludge-milkshake coming from the bottle, and it tuned the head a brown color. File under: #drainbeer. No thank you. Nasty.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.