Harpoon Ghost King

Harpoon Ghost King

As usual, the weekend has come and gone far too fast. It has been a productive weekend. We put together three shelving units with the help of awesome friends Nicole, Greg and Heather. Doing so has given our living room a semblance of home. We also attended our newphew’s 6th birthday party. The celebration featured roughly 20 five year olds and although none of them were ours, my wife and I left feeling exhausted. This weekend I also kicked off a concerted effort to buy a car for Melissa. We have gone over five years with one car, but now Melissa is getting a job that’s further away and it’s time to do the two-car thing again. Speaking of Melissa, today she went to a second round interview for her perspective job. Now we wait for a return call. And finally, speaking of calls, no, I have not received the return call with the results from the MRI on my lower back.

Tonight we’re relaxing, having a couple of adult beverages and watching Sharknado 3. Yes, Sharknado 3. If you’re into moves that are awesomely terrible and feature a TON of cameos, this movie should be at the top of your “must watch” list.

I’m drinking a bottle of Harpoon Ghost King. The beer is labeled as an “Imperial White IPA”. Officially, it’s an imperial IPA. And it’s a sweet one…as in, sugary sweet. TONS of malt through and through. Tropical and citrusy hops make a meager (and ultimately unsuccessful) attempt at breaking through the sweetness. As the beer warms, it only gets sweeter and tastes a bit like honey. While I liked it better when cold, I don’t dislike it warm. It’s not made for the discerning hop head, however if you’re into IPAs that are on the sweeter side, this might be a good option for you.


Author: Joshua Dion

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