Roaring Brook Gold Rush HPA

Roaring Brook Gold Rush HPA

Hidey ho neighborinos! Man, today the weather in Massachusetts felt like one of those days you wish you were outside instead of cooped up. Upper 70s with nothing but beautiful sunshine. Money. Lucky for me, I had a handful of one-on-one’s with my team members, which I conveniently took outside. If my back wasn’t feeling jacked up, I’d go for a run. I’m LONG overdue, given that I haven’t run since our half marathon back in May. I’m looking forward to getting an MRI on my lower back this coming Tuesday. If they find something, at least I’ll know what’s causing all the pain. Then again, if they do find something, more than likely I will have a very difficult decision to make regarding any surgery. I won’t get ahead of myself though.

Tonight I’m working toward the end of the beer my mother gave me last month. Tonight’s choice is Roaring Brook Gold Rush HPA. Things did not start out well with the beer, as I opened it andout roared about 1/6 of the beer in a foamy volcano. My first thought was “infected”, but after a half-pint, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s over-carbonation, presumably due to excessive bottle conditioning. Another side effect is how carbonated the brew is. File under: burp-tastic.

Gas aside, it’s a tasty brew. Although it’s technically an American pale, it’s marketed as a double pale ale. I believe the brewers are playing up the “doubleness” thanks to the ABV (7.0%). Hope heads will love the beer, as it pounds you [that’s what she said] with a solid blast of fruity bitterness. This beer is HIGHLY rated on the interwebs. Thus, the fact that I like it, but don’t love it, forces me to wonder if the gusher-bottle I have isn’t the best example of the beer. Regardless, if you have a chance to try it, you should.


Author: Joshua Dion

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