Six Point Jammer

Six Point Jammer

Good evening LIBA nation. I have a some interesting news to share. First off, my lower-back MRI results are in. The doctor sent me an email and said, and I quote:

“The results of your MRI are back. It shows you have a bulging disc at L5-S1 which is displacing the S1 nerves on the left. We’re referring you to an orthopedic surgeon to discuss treatment.”

Doing a little Googling around, I’m finding that a budging disc can cause virtually no problems, or be crippling. Furthermore, I’ve found that treatment is all over the board and includes anything from as simple as PT to injections to major surgery. I’m expecting that I will end up going the PT route, but that’s a complete guess.

Next up in tonight’s news, in a matter of just a few days we decided to buy Melissa a new car, did the needed research and then last night bought her a car. I used my expert car-buying skills to land her a 2015 Honda Accord EX for a ridiculous price – %12 under invoice to be precise. Even the finance guy at the dealership asked how I got such a good price. We pick it up tomorrow or possibly Thursday.

Tonight I’m chilling out enjoying a can of Six Point Jammer. The beer is a 4.2 ABV gose style brew. Gose is currently very “in” as far as beer styles go. They exploded in popularity 12-18 months ago and many breweries now make one. The style is unique as it is brewed using salt. In some gose beers I can’t distinctly taste salt, however in the Jammer it is abundantly obvious. It dominates the flavor here, with some citrusy lemon notes hiding at the end. That said, I wouldn’t call it “salty” per-se.

I like the style (and this beer) because it’s low ABV, super drinkable and unique. If you’ve never tried a gose, you should give it a go.


Author: Joshua Dion

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