Smuttynose Smuttwater 1.0

Smuttynose Smuttwater 1.0

Today I had the MRI on my back. It took nearly 10 years of severe back pain to finally force my doctors to have the imaging. The experience was interesting. When they tell you that an MRI is out, they are not joking. Imagine being placed in a large steel pipe and then having someone bang/rattle wrenches all along it. Not the best analogy, but it’s close. Unlike some other parts of the body that take a long time to image, the lower back only takes 10-15 minutes. My time in the tube went by very quickly. I get results in about two business days.

Once again, tonight we’re taking it easy and watching a movie. I’m also drinking a bottle of Smuttynose Smuttwater 1.0. Actually, check that. I’m not. It’s disgusting. SUPER farmy tasting. Perhaps even a little bit of smokey cigar in there. Dear God, this is NOT my style of beer. Stab me in the eye. That’s two nights in a row with a drain beer. #fail

Smuttynose Smuttwater 1.0


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