Foley Brothers Spruce Session

Foley Brothers Spruce Session

Tonight I am once again a bachelor, as the wife works the evening shift. My night will go by quickly though, as I didn’t get home from work until after 7:00. This is the second 12+ hour day in a row at work. I should be exhausted, but I’m kinda energized. Lots of fun and rewarding stuff going on at work. Not that there are not some challenges. e.g. I had my first resignation recently…a new (and shitty) experience. Other than that, it’s kind of same-old, same-old around here.

Before I cap off my night with a couple hours of video games, I’m giving this Foley Brothers Spruce Session a go. For the record, the beer’s label says “drink fresh”. While I don’t know what qualifies as “fresh”, the beer was bottled over 2 months ago, so take that into consideration when reading my thoughts.

Spruce Session, an American pale ale, is a 4.7% ABV brew and is quite crushable. I’m trying to think of another session pale ale I’ve recently had, and giving that nothing quickly comes to mind, I’m going to call the beer a bit unique. Session IPAs are all the rage (God knows I love them), so a session pale is an interesting twist. The beer is brewed with spruce tips, which I would expect would give it a sharp hop bite. While the beer does finish with a bit of that, it’s not an intense flavor at all. I personally appreciate this, as I don’t always need to be blasted in the mouth.

Also…that’s what she said.


Author: Joshua Dion

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